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  All walks last approximately 90 minutes and cost £10 per person
Concessions £7-50p.   Children free.

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This walk from Hyde Park Corner to Victoria Station covers a variety of subjects but concentrates on flags and fugitives.   It includes

  • a visit to to the memorial where members of the Household Cavalry were subjected to an IRA bomb.
  • a restaurant where a siege took place.
  • the street where two sets of bodyguards of Russian businessmen had a tussle while court documents were served.
  • a look at the Ecuadorian Embassy where Julian Assange is currently staying.
  • an address where the decision to form the Irish Free State was taken.
  • the scene of Oscar Wilde's arrest.
  • various locations connected with the Lord Lucan story
  • many other snippets all in an area filled with embassies and intrigue.